Department of Pediatric

The department of Pediatric offers wide-ranging of surgerical care from infant to 18 years. Operating surgery on babies is a difficult task, especially small babies because of their tenderness and responses to surgery. Our specialized Pediatric surgeons from Shivam Super Speciality Hospital, makes sure that the infant is taken well care of, and provide proper consultation for surgical care and health improvement .

Facilities offer for Children:

» For measuring heart rate, Oxygen level in blood, ECG and blood pressure, computerized monitors is available.
» Experienced and well trained team of nurses, who can deal with complicated issues with ease.
» Pediatric Ventilator
» Pediatric surgeons are with well experienced, who can best deal with pediatric emergencies and congenital malformations.


  • Minor procedures under conscious sedation.
  • Pediatric Radiology.
  • Management and Monitoring ICU.
  • Day care surgery & sophisticated anesthesia geared to immature systems.
  • Pediatrics BIPAP machine for non invasive mechanical ventilation.

Treatment offers:

» Urological Anomalies
» Neonatal Anomalies
» Hepatobiliary Disorders
» Pediatric Laparoscopy
» Thoracic - Diaphragmatic eventration, Congenital diaphragmatic hernia, bronchogenic cysts, mediastinal cysts and tumors lymph nodes, cystic adenmatoid malformation (CAM), Empyema .
» GI Problems - Appendicitis, pyloric steno sis, spleen pathology, abdominal cysts, constipation, Intestinal obstruction, hirschprung’s disease, gastro esophageal reflux.

Accreditation & Recognition

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