NICU & Critical Care Treatment Centre

Shivam Super Speciality Hospital maintains a 10 bedded ICU and 8 bedded HDU with all the modern life saving mechanism for those need acute care who are generally unstable, critically ill and those in urgent need of advanced monitoring and intensive treatments These units are designed to deliver the highest of medical and nursing care to the sickest of patients. Some less ill patients may also be admitted to ICU either for elective surgery or for elective monitoring of their condition. These tasks are carried out with precision, synchronization and coordination of a multidisciplinary team with unwavering commitment and teamwork.

The intensive care doctor is also referred to as Intensivist or ICU Consultant. They are responsible for coordination of patient care in the ICU. They are skilled in diagnosing and treating critical illness and injuries. He or she is skilled in use of monitors, ventilators and other technical health equipment.

The team consists of :

  • Consultant
  • Junior Consultant
  • Registrars
  • Allied Health Professionals

Patients are admitted under a physician or surgeon. When in an ICU, the responsibility is negotiated between the ICU doctors, physicians and surgeons.
The ICU team cannot be complete without the help of other healthcare professionals, such as Physiotherapist responsible for providing physical therapy for patients and ensuring mobility when allowed.
Dieticians provide advice on nutritional needs for patient.

Accreditation & Recognition

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